Until we move into the new house, we’re stuck over 20km from town, so when we have something on in Cowra, we try to get as much else done as possible. Today, I had a 4pm doctor’s appointment, so while we in the neighbourhood, we dropped some stuff off at the new house, picked up a copy of our new floor measurements from a carpet company, dropped past the chemist and did a couple of days’ shopping.

Since Mim hadn’t eaten anything before she left, she was starving by the time we were ready to come home—and there’s not a great deal of eat-in gluten-free food to be had in Cowra. When we sat down at the cafe across from Coles, Mim was quick to ask if they had any food which was gluten-free. “We’ve got marshmallows!” the cafe’s owner beamed.

Sadly, in a town like Cowra, the anonymity of crowds won’t protect you from the ramifications of giving some worthless smartarse a haymaker in the nuts. I chose not to respond.