Jeez, 2 posts in one day…

When I was growing up we were involved in the Uniting Church

I can still remember the march to Parramatta Town Hall when the methodists and presbyterians joined up to form the one church.

I sang in the church choir, taught Sunday school, was involved in the youth group, it kept me pretty busy… most holiday periods we went down to the farm in Tumut NSW, life was full…

Every Sunday we went to church in the morning, mum would stay home and cook a roast… it was on the table at noon, never fail… routine was a huge thing for mum and grandfather… I would go to the evening service every Sunday night as well…

So every easter mum would make dozens of salmon rissoles and we would head off to church, then come home for reheated rissoles and veg… then off to the farm…

I am no longer a member of the church… I was disgusted and disillusioned by the behavior of certain people when it came to selling our church, St Andrews, in Parramatta (which last time I saw is now a Bavarian Bier Venue, grandfather would be turning in his grave) and money, then when I was at what was possibly my lowest point in my life, I was homeless, had no family, $0, and no job, I could not turn to the people I thought were friends as my ex husband had just left after betraying me with people who I loved and thought were closest to me and I did not want to put the others in the middle of it and had nowhere to turn, I went to a church service  to see the minister I most respected out of pure desperation for guidance and was brushed off and basically told to go away… it was Christmas Day. I have never been back and I do not think I can ever forget that life changing day. It was the day I realised there was no one else I could rely on or turn to, I had to do it alone, I did and here I am… It was never an easy struggle, but I made it and am stronger and wiser for it.

Anyway, even though I no longer have any family except Dave and the cats, at easter, although not out of religious observance I make salmon rissoles… Just because I need to, they give me back a touch of the past and a life when things were different and I trusted and believed in everyone, they bring back so many memories of good times and left over rissoles in sandwiches… (drool).

This year is the first year I will not be making my favourite comfort food as I thought I had some GF flour and oil, but when I checked the pantry I do not have enough… 😦

As we have no way to get to town until at least after easter they will just have to wait…BUT as soon as I can get to town I am off to the supermarket… until then I will just have to dream about them… Regardless, I promised the recipe, so here it is…

Mum’s Salmon Rissoles

425gm tin red salmon – drained (the better quality salmon the better the end taste)

2 eggs

2 medium chopped onions

1/2 dozen medium mashed potatoes – no milk or butter

2 cups gluten free plain flour

500ml oil or light spray olive oil.

Make sure you drain the salmon well, if you like to, remove the bones (I do, I am a wuss and cringe when I get a crunchy bit), but it is not nessecary if you don’t mind them. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix really well.

Make into rissole sized patties and roll in the flour, You could use rice crumbs if you like, but I find they burn a bit too easily.

Shallow fry for a few minutes on each side until golden.

I did try a variation a few years back, I sprayed them with cooking oil and baked in the oven until golden, they were nice, but I like the tasty fried oniony bits when you fry them, so it is up to you.

Serve either hot or cold… I like to serve with steamed veg to make a full meal. I generally make a double batch as I can never seem to get enough of these…