Divine Power 2 doesn’t appear in Wizards of the Coast’s release schedule for 2010, so we probably won’t see it until some next year. I play mostly divine characters when I do actually get to play D&D 4e, so I’ve got an idea of some of the goodies I’d like to see in DP2.

(Because Wizards’ licencing process considers deities’ names to be Product Identity—which means they’re off-limits to third parties—and I don’t have a group with which I can playtest rules, I can’t really write them up myself.)

I speak of deity-specific, swappable powers for divine characters, similar to Players Handbook 3‘s skill powers. And possibly some variant for lay-worshipping characters of non-divine classes.

At the moment, not much separates members of a given divine class mechanically, based on their choice of deity, unless they want to spend slots to obtain Divinity feats. Even then, no matter how many Channel Divinity powers your character may have, they can only use one per encounter; in effect, you’re burning a feat choice for a small increase in flexibility, and no real increase in overall ability. I haven’t run the math on this, but Divinity feats feel like a net power loss in play.

(That said, they’re great in terms of flavour—and Domain feats add a lot in that respect—but PC power parity is so finely tuned in 4e that suboptimal characters can suffer in play.)

With any luck, this post will find its way through the ether and miraculously, the guys at Wizards might pick my idea up in time for the book’s release. If not, well, maybe in time for Divine Power 3?