Apologies to all and sundry, but today’s Gateau Method article will be a little late. I met a stunning influenza at a wedding a week and a half ago, and we’ve been rolling around in bed together ever since. (Incidentally: congratulations, Dan and Claire! Best! Wedding! Evah!)

But what’s really stopped me in my tracks is the PDF release of Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity, which I downloaded about an hour ago. I’m so excited about this that I’d almost wet myself—if Jewel wasn’t sitting directly beneath my chair and didn’t have a history of attempting to shred my genitals with her razor-sharp claws.

It’s finally here! It’s a couple of days later than expected, but seriously, after two years, what’s a couple of days? Poor Shane Ivey (the project’s editor) has been posting brief updates to the Delta Green mailing list over the past few days, and they read like he could use a house call from Dr Herbert West—he’s done an awesome job, but there’s still the hardback to come in a couple of months. I’m sure I’ll be just as excited when that makes its way to me through the mail.

In other news, I start work at Centrelink next Tuesday. Whilst I’ve been less than charitable with my opinion of Centrelink in the past, I really am looking forward to working for them.  Our old office in Sydney was so poor—and they lost our documentation so many times—that Mim and I would take a 30 km round-trip out of our way to their Sutherland office in order to get anything done. In contrast, the Cowra office has been wonderful and their service has been impeccable. Is it a country-town thing? I dunno.

I’m sure I’ll have more to tell on both Centrelink and Targets of Opportunity in the coming days…