Not long after getting back from today’s ANZAC Day dawn service—my first since we moved out to the country—I settled in for a nap. And, as often happens when I sleep during the day, a very odd dream loomed out of the aether to disturb my rest.

I don’t remember all of my dream, but it included such highlights as:

  • a TV news segment on a man in India who’d spent the past 20 to 25 years trying to make the most disturbing entrée ever, in this case, a bouillabaisse consisting largely of Shub-Niggurath;
  • an arthouse porn film called Sous-Vide, in which a woman in a sleeping bag spent the entire movie sitting in a jacuzzi, doing nothing—I told you it was arthouse; and
  • game designer Steve Darlington retiring to write full-time on the royalties from the operating system that ran this port of Photoshop.

This is what happens when I don’t get coffee after a dawn service. I really should stop going to bed at 2AM when I have a 4AM start that morning.