Sean M. Carroll, physicist

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Last year, cosmologist Prof. Sean Carroll visited Sydney and gave a free lecture on the arrow of time at Sydney University. I desperately, desperately wanted to go, not just because I subscribe to his blog Cosmic Variance and am a hopeless fanboy at the best of times, but because cosmology genuinely fascinates me, and I don’t get to hear about it all that often. Plus, hey, it was free.

Sadly, my flatmate had decided to drink his rent money again, so I couldn’t even afford the bus fare to attend the lecture. Frankly, it’s futile trying to explain why these things are important to a guy with Korsakoff’s syndrome, so I missed out completely.

Recently, however, Prof. Carroll gave a lecture to the guys at Google on the very same subject. Watch and marvel at an hour-and-a-quarter of Carroll’s deep insights into time, entropy and the anthropic principle: