Finished reading Night Below. It didn’t blow me out of the water, but it’s nonetheless one of my favourite products published for AD&D 2e. One thing that struck me was that, in the entire campaign, there was exactly one Drow NPC. Carl Sargent, I want to have your babies.

I’ve also finished the first book of Dragon Mountain, another AD&D 2e mega-boxed set. Thus far, it looks suspiciously like they repurposed a 1st-edition module from the slush pile, poorly grafted it onto a megadungeon they had lying around, and then drew straws to fill the editing credit.

More on it when I’ve read the entire thing, but I can tell that this “most deluxe dungeon ever published” was released during TSR’s interdict on third-party D&D accessories—even with the limited production quality of the time, any half-interested competitor could easily have come up with a better product.