British Folk Tales again reveals hidden wonders.

According to the version therein, the Three Little Pigs—Biddy, Dennis and Rex, who built the straw, wood and brick houses, respectively—were turned out of their home during inclement weather, because Dennis had accidentally trodden on one of their mother’s new litter.  Dennis, at least, had had some education—he obtained the wood for his house from an old school friend—and both he and his brother Rex were pipe-smokers.

When the Big, Bad Wolf climbed down Rex’s chimney, the pigs threw Rex’s bedding into the fire and burnt the beast to death; they pulled the corpse down the chimney, cut it up and dined happily on roasted wolf chunks.  The houses aren’t there any longer, we’re told, because the pigs were taken to an old-age home, where they died.

In other news, it turns out that Goldilocks was originally a little, old woman named Silverhair.  Before that, it seems, she may’ve been a fox (of the kind that steals chickens, of course).