Mim’s compulsive channel surfing finally paid off: Prime showed a segment on Medical Emergency featuring a woman who’d suffered an injury whilst walking her cat.

It turns out that her cat’s deaf, and was so startled when a dog sniffed it from behind that it clawed its way up her back, over the top of her head and then facehuggered her like something out of Aliens. The poor girl was covered in blood, bruises and open gashes; in truth, it looked like she’d walked up to George Foreman and delivered a particularly witty Yo mamma so fat…

I shouldn’t laugh, I know, but the image of her running around, screaming hysterically whilst trying to pry the inverted moggy’s embedded claws from her face as the latter howled demoniacally and its tail rotored like an out-of-control line trimmer was just too much.

Sure, it wasn’t cat-attacking-baby funny, but it was so very, very close.