On the subject of creative endeavours, I recently entered a Call of Cthulhu adventure into the 2010 Delta Green Mailing List Shotgun Scenario Competition. It’s called God Wills It Thus, and deals with the disappearance of a defence contractor in post-Troubles Belfast, with a special head-nod towards Evelyn Waugh, best known as the author of Brideshead Revisited.

Granted, it’s probably not my best work. I had to shave its 2100-word outline down to the competition’s strict entry limit of 1500 words, and was stranded four hours away from my research materials as I wrote most of it. Nonetheless, I hope it’s at least entertaining. Or that it makes sense.

You can find it, and its worthy adversaries, at The Fairfield Project. Go have a read.

DGML members can vote on their favourites until Sunday, 20 February, at the DGML’s Yahoo Groups page, and the winner’s entry will be published in the June edition of The Unspeakable Oath. I’m not saying to vote for mine, but if you’re a member, give one of them a go—you’ll help out a budding author in what’s all too often a thankless avocation.